The Aims of the Company

  • To promote education, arts, science and technology.
  • To promote vocational skills and associated professional activities.
  • To support our Charitable Trust.
  • To offer Awards and scholarships.
  • To develop the talents of young people throughout Wales.
  • To enjoy fellowship through social events.
  • To invest in the future of the Company through the development and support of a Young People’s Community.


Master’s Introduction and Aims 2019-2021

I am delighted and honoured to have been elected as the next Master and am writing to outline the plans for 2019 -2021

My first ambition for the coming year is focussed on four “I’s” namely Involvement, Inclusion, International, and “Injoyment”. My hope is to achieve these ambitions, primarily by providing events, some of which are “money can’t buy” that will appeal to all Liverymen, partners and, where space is available, to friends and guests.

The first event, which was a change from previous years, was the Installation Ceremony and Banquet at Howells School, Llandaff, Cardiff on Saturday 12th October 2019.
The event started at 5pm with the Installation Court, followed by a service led by our new Chaplain, and, thereafter, a drinks reception and Dinner. The event was all on one site and was, fortunately, “weatherproof”. A report on the event will be found elsewhere in this bulletin.

In November there will be a lecture followed by dinner at the Firing Line Museum in Cardiff Castle. The subject is about the very topical issue of Water, that commodity that we cannot live without and will be given by Professor Roger Falconer, a well know authority on the subject.

In December there will the two traditional carol services, the first being at St Asaph’s Cathedral. The second is a service at our mother church, St John’s, central Cardiff, followed by dinner at the Cardiff and County Club.

January is a time to recover from the Christmas festivities and to take stock of the cost of Christmas. A tour of the Royal Mint is being arranged. While I know from past experience that there will be no free samples I hope that visit coupled with a warming lunch will banish any post-Christmas blues.

In the spring it has also been arranged to take a tour of the Viridor huge incinerator site in Cardiff Bay followed by lunch. Not a tour for the fainthearted but fascinating none the less and one to guarantee to keep you warm.

In February there will be a talk and lunch at Whitchurch Golf Club. The speaker is Professor Robert Pickard who has lectured on topics such as “The Birds, Bees and Sex”, and “Shakespeare and Science”.On this occasion he will talk about “Health and Happiness”, a most entertaining and interesting topic.

In March it is hoped to take a tour of the new Aston Martin car factory at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan. While again I doubt that we will be given free samples I feel that it will be a unique opportunity to visit a major investment project here in Wales

In April, and after the clocks have sprung forward the plan is to go to Tredegar Park and House, for “3 T’s”, a Tour, Talk and Tea. Those who are familiar with the reputations of the Morgans of Tredegar will know the colourful nature of the various owners and for those who do not then beware the stories are not for the prudish or faint-hearted

In May it is planned to hold an International Away weekend …….. well...... based in Stratford Upon Avon. While it is not possible to finalise the details until later this year the grand plan is to have a charabanc trip from South Wales as well from North Wales if there is sufficient interest and with some options including the opportunity to attend a Royal Shakespeare Company production (depending on the yet to be published programme) a different tour of Stratford upon Avon and a ride on a steam railway on one of their themed evenings.

The Company holds great store of our connection with our “Mother” church, St Johns, in central Cardiff and it is proposed that we further this bond by joining the congregation for a Sunday service to celebrate the good works of the Company and, afterwards to join the congregation for tea and cream cakes.

In June a number of Tier 1 seats have been obtained for the sell-out show “Riverdance” at St Davids Hall, in Cardiff. Later in the month there will be a walking Treasure Hunt around Cowbridge, a town with a rich history. Afterwards there will be lunch at the Bear Hotel.

July sees a garden party in the “Lesser Hall” in Dinas Powys. The venue provides for indoor accommodation if it is wet and a large garden area to enjoy any sunshine as well as fellowship that might be about. There will also be a unique and enjoyable musical show during the afternoon…

If August is hot then maybe a tour of a brewery will appeal. If the new Brains brewery visitor centre is open then we will be amongst the first to visit – otherwise a tour will be arranged to one of the many breweries scattered across South Wales. This is an event which will, no doubt, be of interested to many.

In September there will be a “one night away” weekend, to Yeovil, to visit amongst other attractions the RNAS Museum where you can even clamber aboard a real Concorde.

During the year there will also be an Awards event and a Court Luncheon as well as one or two other tours which are yet to be finalised

I do hope that the foregoing appeals and that you will come along and enjoy both the activities and the fellowship which is such a cornerstone of our very being.

With regards to “International” I am looking to spread our wings and to focus on recruiting eligible Liverymen from beyond the geographic boundaries of Wales. Many of our fellow countrymen have emigrated to foreign parts but who still take great pride in their Welsh roots; dare I call them Welsh missionaries? I am hoping that we can recruit such people whether they are nearby in other parts of the UK or across the globe and give them the opportunity to support the company, and, equally support our Awards programme

I mentioned from the outset, the “4 i’s” and as well as providing a programme that aims to be inclusive, “injoyable” and international the fourth “I” is Involvement and is just as important as the other three. We can all, justly, take pride in being Liverymen but the company can only survive by the efforts of its members. Many hands make light work and we have active and very important service committees, namely the Charitable Events, Public Relations, Awards, North Wales and London committees who achieve and deliver our fundamental objectives and tasks. There are always vacancies on all of these committees and by donating just a couple of hours each month you could help to ensure our continued success and also derive personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

There are also several other ways in which you can really make a difference. Why not become a mentor in the proposed mentoring programme. Within the company we have a broad and extensive range of expertise and skills. Our strap line is “Nurturing Welsh Talent” and what better way can we achieve this than passing on our knowledge and experience to those who are starting their careers. It can be really enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying and also helps to keep “those little grey cells” active and healthy.

I would encourage those who are not yet donors to join the charitable giving scheme which is a very tax efficient way of supporting the Awards programme. For example a monthly donation of £20 can generate £300 per annum towards the short term and longer term Awards scheme; a simple way to help fund Awards

Finally I look forward to meeting all my fellow Liverymen during the year and would like to thank all the active Liverymen for all your efforts. Yes, we can and do make a difference to the community in which we live and serve. Long may it continue!