Thanks from our Award Winners

(Saesneg yn unig ar hyn o bryd...)

This page contains tributes from a number of recipients of Awards from the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales over the past few years who, in their own words, describe how their lives have been enhanced by their WLCOW Awards. The stories of what the Awards have meant to them and how they have helped them in their chosen career paths are truly inspiring. We hope that, in the future, with the additional funds we raised from the Silver Jubilee Appeal, we will be able to increase the number of Awards we make annually to the young people of Wales.

The North Wales Eric Sunderland Memorial Award

"Welsh Artists’ colourful career flourishing with support from the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales”

Billy Bagilhole, born in Pwllheli on the Lleyn, graduated with a first class honours from Chelsea Art College in 2018 and struggled to continue with his painting due to the lack of affordable studio space in Central London. Assistance from the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales allowed Billy and his fellow Welshman, Cybi Williams from Blaenau to continue with their passion and realise their ambition by providing additional funding for a studio in Vauxhall.

Billy wanted to express his thanks by saying “without the support of the Livery Group we would not have the essential space to paint and I certainly would have struggled to accept the great honour of painting Sir Bryn Terfel”
The portrait was part of an S4C series called “ Wales on Canvas” and has served to raise the profile of Billy’s work. To view their work: billybagilhole.co.uk and cybiwilliams.com

Travel Award Winner 2021, Swansea University,Kristen Hawkins

Kristen Hawkins

Tissue bank visit by Swansea expert will help boost multiple sclerosis research in Wales
Welsh research on multiple sclerosis has been strengthened by a visit to the Welsh Tissue Bank by a Swansea expert, made possible by the scholarship she was awarded by the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales.
Kristen Hawkins is a researcher in Swansea University Medical School. Her research, which is funded by MS Society Cymru, aims to get a better insight into the biology underpinning multiple sclerosis (MS).
MS affects approximately 5600 people in Wales and 2.3 million worldwide. Currently there is no cure and the effect of available treatments is limited. Kristen’s project aims to understand the role of oxysterols in MS. Oxysterols are involved in the normal functioning of our bodies. They are made when the body breaks down cholesterol (which we all have and need in our bodies), but it’s possible that some oxysterols may malfunction in MS.
Kristen was awarded a Travel Scholarship by the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales, following a competition open to Swansea University researchers who are in the early stages of their career. The scholarship enabled her to spend three days at the Welsh Neuroscience Research Tissue Bank at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. This stores thousands of biological samples donated by patients and healthy volunteers to enable researchers to gain a deeper understanding of diseases and how to diagnose and treat them.
During her visit to the Tissue Bank, Kristen met the team of researchers, clinicians and support staff and was given a tour of the facility. She also gave them a presentation about her research in Swansea.
Kristen highlighted two concrete examples of how the visit will benefit her research:
“The Tissue Bank holds samples of cerebrospinal fluid that I need for my research, so the team have kindly arranged for these so be made available to me.
In addition, I learned that the Tissue Bank contains a stock of a specific type of white blood cell that I have been isolating and analysing. I already have samples from healthy donors but will also need them from people with MS, so hopefully in the future I will be able to use the samples already stored in Cardiff, speeding up our research.”
Commenting on the visit overall, Kristen added:
“The visit to the Tissue Bank was extremely beneficial. I have learned more about human tissue processing and storage, governance, and been immersed in a different style of research laboratory. I have made valuable connections with other researchers and medics working on MS.
I would like to thank Dr Sam Loveless for hosting me during my visit and The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales for facilitating it with the award – I am truly grateful.”
Sylvia Robert-Sargeant of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales said:
“One of The Company's aims is to encourage and support students to progress with a specific project. We raise funds through various charitable events and also by reaching out, not only to our Liverymen for financial support, but also to the wider community in Wales by inviting Welsh business circles, foundations and other organisations interested in promoting education, science, technology and the arts in Wales, to support our activities.
Kristen’s project illustrates how such cutting-edge work can make a vital contribution to medical research in Wales. We are delighted to be able to support Kristen in her efforts to build and develop links with fellow experts in her field.”

Journalism Travel Scholarship Award Ryan Leston

ryan leston

Ryan Leston’s Journalism Travel Scholarship Award allowed him to cover the Venice Film Festival – a plan he had been putting off for the last ten years. Ryan used the bursary for accreditation fees as well as to cover the cost of flights and a two-week stay in an apartment on the Zattere promenade. This was just a short boat ride away from Lido – the site of the festival itself – and allowed Ryan to spend as much time as possible at the festival, while also being able to dash back to his apartment to file articles and reviews.
The Venice Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world – now in its 78th year. It attracts a huge variety of filmmakers, actors and A-listers as studios enter their best indie films in the competition and launch their best mainstream titles alongside it. This year was particularly great, hosting world premieres for the likes of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune and Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel.

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Chelsea Davies’ Journalism Travel Scholarship Award allowed her to fulfil a lifelong dream of driving until the road runs out. Chelsea used the funds to hire a campervan and drive from South to North Wales on the Wales Way. This collection of three self-drive touring routes – the Cambrian Way at 185 miles, the Coastal Way at 180 miles and the North Wales Way at 75 miles – act as a starting point to navigating the best visitor experiences of the country from dramatic coastlines to mountain peaks. Wales remains underrepresented as a tourist destination, both in international and domestic markets. She wanted to bring attention to how truly epic, wild and wonderful her country is by writing an evocative, long-form feature on what travellers can expect from a journey following its mountainous spine.

The Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia National Park. The hairpin bends of the road were a little scary to navigate in a campervan but the views were spectacular.

Chelsea has dreams of being a travel writer and says the award was incredibly beneficial to her future career and her postgraduate dissertation where her feature will be published alongside a collection of travel pieces on Wales. “I would never have been able to do a trip like this without the bursary,” she says. “It’s allowed me to see and write about an amazing part of my country never visited by me before.”
She started her five-day road trip in the Brecon Beacons National Park. She then drove north to explore Snowdonia National Park and Anglesey. She stopped frequently along the way to stretch her legs, hike and take in the view. She even tried wild camping at the base of Fan Brycheiniog. She jokes that the sheep were her alarm clock.

Chelsea at the base of Fan Brycheiniog, Brecon Beacons National Park.

Chelsea says, “I think the highlight for me was the people. I met some characters on the way who really shaped my trip and fueled these epic, serendipitous detours. The scenery was also spectacular. I absolutely loved walking Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia National Park. It looked like the setting of an epic fantasy. I half expected to see a kingdom of legend rise from the mist gathered on the surface of Llyn Idwal.”

A picture of another hiker during her misty walk at Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia National Park.

Cwm Idwal was a highlight of her trip and visiting was incredibly inspiring for her writing.

Wales has a lack of action-inspiring content in travel media. Chelsea says it was hard to find examples straying from dry, over-reported round-ups on the best things to do, see and eat and felt it was time to contribute a narrative that transported readers from their armchairs and actively encouraged tourism. She’s looking forward to finishing her feature and submitting it along with the rest of her dissertation this autumn.


Jake Horton’s Journalism Travel Scholarship Award provided him with the funds to cover a story which otherwise would have been far out of reach. He used his Award to travel to Arizona as having studied there he had become aware of the unique difficulties experienced within the Native American community when entering higher education. Far fewer Natives get into university and more drop out than any other demographic in America. Jake had always harboured the ambition to one day return and document the issue but never thought it would be possible, especially when having the funds of a student! After becoming aware of the fund offered to journalism master’s students by the Livery Company of Wales he jumped at the opportunity, and was lucky enough to be granted the award…

He boarded a plane to Phoenix, Arizona to film a three-minute piece on Native Americans in the American university system. He used Arizona as a case study - with the state having the second highest Native population in America it was symptomatic of the wider issue which was labelled a “national” crisis.

Only 13% of Native Americans have a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 29% of the wider U.S. population. And only 39% of Native students who start a bachelor's degree complete it within six years, compared to 62% of white students.

During his two week stay in Arizona Jake spoke to as many people as possible and the answer was complicated - a history of educational suppression, campus cultural shock, financial strains from home, the weight of often being trail blazers, amongst other family pressures.

The topic had little previous coverage so the opportunity to produce a short film on a historic and far-reaching problem provided a valuable contribution to the existing literature, as well as an unforgettable experience in the process.

Ashleigh Welch – Prifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd – Ysgoloriaeth Deithio i Ganada 2017

Mae fy nghwmni, Syml yn cefnogi busnesau bach yng Nghymru trwy gynnig dewis syml i reoli eu cyllid yn fewnol. Galluogodd yr Ysgoloriaeth Deithio i mi fynychu ‘Start-up Fest’ ym Montreal, Canada. Roedd yn ŵyl fusnes pedwar diwrnod oedd yn cynnwys cynadleddau, digwyddiadau rhwydweithio, cymorthfeydd busnes a gorsafoedd gwaith. Mae’r sgyrsiau a gefais gyda’r entrepreneuriaid a’r rhai oedd yn cychwyn busnes a oedd yn mynychu’r digwyddiad, wedi dylanwadu ar fy nghwmni a busnesau fy nghleientiaid. Dros gyfnod yr ŵyl, cefais fy ysbrydoli gyda syniadau am nod Syml, dynodi a diwylliant corfforaethol i’r dyfodol – ardaloedd y gallwn fod wedi rhuthro i mewn iddynt pe na bawn i wedi mynd i’r digwyddiad.

Emily Groves – Prifysgol Aberystwyth – Ysgoloriaeth Deithio i Norwy 2017

Trwy gymorth yr Ysgoloriaeth Deithio medrais fynd ar drywydd fy ymchwil ar y gwymon Alaria Esculenta yn Norwy, Trosglwyddais o Brifysgol Dalhousie yn Nova Scotia i Aberystwyth i astudio am radd BSc mewn Bioleg Môr a Dŵr Croyw a nawr yn ymchwilio ar gyfer fy noethuriaeth. Rydw i’n bwriadu dilyn gyrfa mewn cadwraeth yng Nghymru.

Hannah George – Ysgol Newyddiaduraeth Caerdydd – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio – 2017

Mae derbyn y Wobr Teithio wedi fy ngalluogi i wthio fy hun yn broffesiynol ac i dyfu fel newyddiadurwr. Rhoddodd yr hyder a’r cyfle i mi gymhwyso fy sgiliau newyddiaduraeth lleol a enillwyd yng Nghaerdydd mewn lleoliad anghyfarwydd, a mynd i’r afael â materion Cymreig o bersbectif byd-eang. Rydw i nawr yn gweithio gyda Bloomberg yn Llundain.

Hannah George – Ysgol Newyddiaduraeth Caerdydd – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio – 2017

Mae derbyn y Wobr Teithio wedi fy ngalluogi i wthio fy hun yn broffesiynol ac i dyfu fel newyddiadurwr. Rhoddodd yr hyder a’r cyfle i mi gymhwyso fy sgiliau newyddiaduraeth lleol a enillwyd yng Nghaerdydd mewn lleoliad anghyfarwydd, a mynd i’r afael â materion Cymreig o bersbectif byd-eang. Rydw i nawr yn gweithio gyda Bloomberg yn Llundain.

Emmanuelle Gaillard – Prifysgol Bangor – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio i Ddulyn 2017

Mae Emmanuelle sydd newydd gwblhau ei gradd gyfraith gyda rhagoriaeth yn Ysgol y Gyfraith Bangor yn dod o Ffrainc. Defnyddiodd ei hysgoloriaeth i deithio i Ddulyn am gyfnod o bethefnos i ennill profiad o’r system Cyfraith Gwlad gyda cwmni o gyfreithwyr.

James Walton – Prifysgol De Cymru – Ysgoloriaeth Deithio i Austin, Texas, 2016

Rhoddodd y profiad a gefais, brofiad uniongyrchol i mi o amgylchedd gweithgynhyrchu arbenigol a bydd y wybodaeth a enillais yn fy rhoi mewn sefyllfa well i ateb cwestiynau pobl ifanc mewn gweithdai Gwyddoniaeth, Technoleg, Peirianneg a Mathemateg (STEM) mewn ysgolion lleol.

Dr Jonathon Jones – Prifysgol Abertawe – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio i Ganada 2016

Roedd fy ymchwil yn canolbwyntio ar agweddau lludded thermofecanyddol o uwchaloiau sy’n seiliedig ar nicel. Roedd yr ysgoloriaeth yn caniatáu imi gyflwyno fy ymchwil i gynhadledd ryngwladol bwysig, a ddenodd ymchwilwyr blaenllaw’r byd yn fy maes ac a gynhaliwyd yng Nghanada. Mae wedi galluogi’r gallu i brofi lludded thermomecanyddol a reolir gan thermograffeg newydd gael ei adnabod yn rhyngwladol.

Dr Jonathon Jones – Prifysgol Abertawe – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio i Ganada 2016

Roedd fy ymchwil yn canolbwyntio ar agweddau lludded thermofecanyddol o uwchaloiau sy’n seiliedig ar nicel. Roedd yr ysgoloriaeth yn caniatáu imi gyflwyno fy ymchwil i gynhadledd ryngwladol bwysig, a ddenodd ymchwilwyr blaenllaw’r byd yn fy maes ac a gynhaliwyd yng Nghanada. Mae wedi galluogi’r gallu i brofi lludded thermomecanyddol a reolir gan thermograffeg newydd gael ei adnabod yn rhyngwladol.

Natalie Lubbock – Prifysgol De Cymru – Ysgoloriaeth Teithio i Honduras, Cadwraeth Cwrel, 2014

Ennill ysgoloriaeth deithio wnaeth hi’n bosibl imi deithio i Honduras yng Nghanolbarth America, lle’r oeddwn yn gallu cynnal ymchwil a gwaith maes ar gyfer fy mhrosiect traethawd MSc. Gallwn fforddio ymuno â’r daith gyda Operation Wallacea a chyflawni fy mreuddwyd. Rwyf ar hyn o bryd yn edrych i gymhwyso fy sgiliau archwilio i ddolydd morwellt diraddiedig yng Nghymru.

Natalie Lubbock – University of South Wales – Travel Scholarship to Honduras, Coral Conservation – 2014

Winning the Travel Scholarship made it possible for me to travel to Honduras in Central America where I was able to conduct research and fieldwork for my MSc dissertation. I was able to join the expedition with Operation Wallacea and fulfil my dream. I am currently looking to apply my surveying skills to degraded seagrass meadows in Wales.

Lauren Jenkins – Ysgol Newyddiaduraeth Caerdydd – Ysgoloriaeth Deithio i Sbaen (Catalonia) 2014

Caniataodd yn ysgoloriaeth amser ac arian i mi ymchwilio’n fanwl gwleidyddiaeth hunaniaeth Catalan, sydd wedi parhau i fod yn dominyddu ein penawdau newyddion hyd heddiw. Roedd yn wers werthfawr ar sut i wneud cysylltiadau dramor a darparodd portffolio trawiadol i mi i’w gyflwyno i gyflogwyr yn y dyfodol. Mae gen i atgofion hyfryd iawn o’m wythnos yn Barcelona a fydd yn aros gyda mi am weddill fy ngyrfa.

James Bain - Bryan Marsh Gold Development Award Winner 2022

Bryan Marsh Gold Development Award Winner 2022 James Bain

Bryan Marsh Gold Development Award Winner 2022 James Bain

Dr Hywel Griffiths – Prifysgol Aberystwyth – Enillydd yn 2017

Roedd yn bleser ac yn anrhydedd derbyn y Wobr Aur oddi wrth y Cwmni. Roedd yn braf dros ben cael derbyn cydnabyddiaeth am fy ngwaith academaidd a fy ngwaith creadigol – gwaith a yrrwyd erioed gan awydd i gyfrannu at fywyd Cymru. Rwy’n hynod ddiolchgar i’r Cwmni am ei gefnogaeth a fydd yn gymorth sylweddol wrth imi ddatblygu fy ngyrfa a pharhau i weithio dros Gymru.

Dr Sejal Bhatt – Ysbyty Brenhinol Gwent – Enillydd yn 2016

Defnyddiais y grant i gefnogi fy ymrwymiadau addysgol, gan gynnwys prynu cadwyn o lygaid, dymis wrth gwrs, i fireinio fy sgiliau llawfeddygol gyda manyldeb, deheurwydd a amhetruster i sicrhau canlyniadau cleifion boddhaol.

Yr Athro Tom Crick mbe – Prifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd –
Enillydd yn 2013 Daeth y wobr ar amser

Daeth y wobr ar amser allweddol i mi a rhoddodd y llwyfan a’r adnoddau angenrheidiol i mi ar gyfer y dyfodol. Roeddwn newydd gadeirio adolygiad o’r cwricwlwm TGCh ar gyfer Llywodraeth Cymru, sydd bellach wedi arwain at ddatblygu Fframwaith Cymhwysedd Digidol newydd ar gyfer pob ysgol yng Nghymru, yn ogystal â chael gwahoddiad i gadeirio’r Rhwydwaith Cenedlaethol er Rhagoriaeth mewn Gwyddoniaeth a Thechnoleg sydd newydd ei sefydlu, buddsoddiad o £4 miliwn gan Lywodraeth Cymru. Mae fy ngwaith mewn addysg gyfrifiadurol wedi cael ei gydnabod ymhellach trwy dderbyn yr mbe yn Anrhydeddau Pen-blwydd y Frenhines 2017. Nid wyf yn petruso o gwbl wrth dynnu sylw at effaith y Wobr Aur ar fy ngyrfa a cefnogaf yn llwyr ei gyllido yn y dyfodol, er mwyn gallu datblygu’r genhedlaeth nesaf o bobl ifanc addawol yng Nghymru.

Chantal Spiteri – ZAD Caerdydd – Enillydd yn 2012

Mae’r Wobr Aur a gefais wedi helpu i lunio fy ngyrfa a hybu ei chynnydd yn fawr iawn. Roedd yn fy ngalluogi i ofyn am gyngor mawr ei angen ar sut i redeg y cwmni gan gyfreithwyr a chyfrifwyr. Gyda’r wybodaeth honno, roeddwn wedyn yn gallu dod i gysylltiad â rhai sefydliadau statws uchel iawn yng Nghymru, sef Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru a Chwmni Dawns Cenedlaethol Cymru, a datblygu perthynas â nhw o gwmpas fy ngweledigaeth ar gyfer Academi Hip Hop ZooNation yng Nghymru. Rwy’n hynod falch o ddweud bod y ddau sefydliad wedi cytuno i bartneriaeth ac rydym i fod i agor y drysau i ZAD Caerdydd newydd sbon, a fydd yn gweld dosbarthiadau hip hop wythnosol ar gyfer 4 - 21 oed yn rhedeg yn y Tŷ Dawns yn Nghanolfan y Mileniwm y mis yma! Roedd y wobr nid yn unig wedi fy helpu i sicrhau bod fy ngweledigaeth yn mynd rhagddo yn ariannol, ond mewn rhai ffyrdd, hyd yn oed yn bwysicach fyth, mae’r dilysiad gan y Cwmni Lifrai wedi helpu i adeiladu fy hyder i beidio â dim ond breuddwydio ond i geisio gwireddu fy mreuddwyd.

Dr Andy Carson-Stevens – Prifysgol Caerdydd – Enillydd yn 2011

Mae bod yn derbynnydd cyntaf Gwobr Aur Cwmni Anrhydeddus Lifrai Cymru wedi newid fy mywyd. Cefnogodd y Wobr Aur fy nhaith i ymgymryd â chwrs ym Mhrifysgol Harvard a chyfnod fel meddyg preswyl gyda’r felin drafod di-elw, y Sefydliad Gwella Gofal Iechyd yn Boston, UDA. Yno dechreuais ddatblygu’r dewrder i herio’r sefyllfa bresennol o fewn gofal iechyd ac i adeiladu rhwydwaith o gydweithwyr. Prynais liniadur gyda peth o arian y wobr, ac ar hwn, fe wnes i olygu fy llyfr cyntaf, a oedd yn cynnwys llawer o benodau a gafodd eu hysgrifennu gan y cydweithwyr newydd a wnes wrth deithio yng Ngogledd America.


Thank you message from Keira McNulty

Seeking a Home: Stories and Images with People Seeking Asylum in Cardiff

Adam Tuft – Airbus, Broughton

Mae gen i angerdd am beirianneg a diwydiant cynhyrchu adenydd awyrennau, ac mae’r gefnogaeth a roddwyd i mi gan y Cwmni Lifrai ac Airbus yn fy ngalluogi i ddilyn yr amrywiol hyfforddiant a chymwysterau sydd eu hangen i wella fy ngwybodaeth ymhellach ac ehangu fy sgiliau.

Aamir Patel – Airbus, Broughton

Mae derbyn Gwobr Lifrai Cymru wedi agor llwybrau pellach i mi o ran datblygu fy ngyrfa yn Aerospace.

WLCoW Music Award Winners Georgina Dadson and Ellie Knott – Bottled Project

Georgina Dadson and Ellie Knott

Dear Liverymen,

We write to you to thank you once again for your very generous donation towards our Bottled project. Since the wonderful Awards Ceremony in March we have finished delivering the first set of six sessions in Albany Primary School, a school local to us in Roath, Cardiff.

In the six sessions we explored the concept of emotional honesty with the children and their teachers, as well as covering a number of musicianship skills (pulse, rhythm, pitch and composition). We were amazed by the development of the children in six weeks and are thrilled to have received feedback from their teachers which details how they still use the language we discussed and the greater confidence of their staff to teach music in the classroom.

Your support enabled us to deliver a full and exciting set of workshops for young children. We were able to purchase a number of resources including percussion instruments, a projector, display easel and stationery for the project, as well as facilitating our printing costs.

We are also delighted to share with you that we have been accepted onto the Live Music Now scheme in Wales. They were very impressed with our Bottled project and are looking forward to helping us develop it even further so that it can be used across England and Wales in both mainstream schools and schools with children with additional learning needs.

We are also in preliminary talks about the possibility of translating the book into Welsh to further its reach and to extend our work in Wales.

Thank you once again for your generous support.

Kind regards,
Ellie Knott and Georgina Dadson
July 2022

Lucy McPhee – Cardiff Music School Bursary – 2017

As an emerging composer, without this bursary, I would never have been able to
take part in the Vale of Glamorgan Festival or in the Peter Reynolds Composer
Studio. These opportunities enabled me to work with the Grand Band Ensemble
from New York and to create global contacts.

Lucy McPhee – Bwrsariaeth Ysgol Gerdd Caerdydd – 2017

Fel cyfansoddwr sy’n dod i’r amlwg heddiw, heb fwrsariaeth ni fyddwn erioed wedi gallu cymryd rhan yn Stiwdio Cyfansoddwr Peter Reynolds yng Ngŵyl Bro Morgannwg. Roedd hyn yn fy ngalluogi i mi weithio gyda’r ensemble Grand Band o Efrog Newydd a chreu cysylltiadau byd-eang.

Glain Dafydd – WLCOW/Gwobr Sickle – 2016

Gyda’r wobr roeddwn i’n gallu mynychu sesiwn un i un gyda meistr telyn Ffrengig, Germaine Lorenzini, yn Lyon, Ffrainc. Enillodd Glain un o’r gwobrau mwyaf nodedig yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2016 – y Rhuban Glas Offerynnol. Enillodd hefyd radd gyda rhagoriaeth yn ei gradd derfynol ar raddio o Goleg Brenhinol Cerdd Llundain.

Lizzie Lovell-Jones – Cerddorfa Genedlaethol i Blant – 2015

Galluogodd y wobr i Lizzie fynychu cyrsiau Cerddorfa Genedlaethol y Plant yn 2015. ‘Roedd y gerddoriaeth yn anodd ac yn bleserus iawn ac rwyf wedi dysgu cymaint o’r sefydliad gwych yma.

Steffan Llewelyn – Gwobr Cymdeithas William

Yn Mawrth 2017 pan yn 13 mlwydd oed, roedd Steffan yn un o’r enillwyr gwobrau ieuengaf yng Nghanolfan Gerdd William Mathias. Galluogodd ef i barhau ei addysg gerddorol.

James Gareth Davies – Prifysgol Birmingham – 2014

Fe wnaeth y grant gan Gwmni Anrhydeddus Lifrai Cymru fy ngalluogi i gwblhau M.A. mewn Rheolaeth Treftadaeth Ddiwylliannol Ryngwladol ym Mhrifysgol Durham yn 2014. Roedd fy nhraethawd ymchwil M.A. ar ‘Dehongliad Treftadaeth Ddigidol ar y We yn Safleoedd Treftadaeth y Byd: Defnyddiau cyfredol a phosibiliadau i’r dyfodol. Rwyf bellach yn un o 6 o bobl sy’n penderfynu pa brosiectau sy’n cael arian loteri treftadaeth yng Nghymru