The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales has announced that for 2022-2023 the topic for this Award of £2,500 is


Applications for this Award are now invited. Closing date is 16th December 2022

Objective of the Award

To enable an outstanding young person, who has already studied aspects of architecture and building successfully, to further their academic or professional development by undertaking an innovative, self-contained and well-defined project. The project may be stand alone or part of a course of postgraduate/professional study which will help them develop their career in Architecture and the Built Environment.


Young people aged 21 – 25, with possible extension to 30 if the candidate is or has been a postgraduate student. Candidates must have an association or commitment to Wales evidenced by a combination of birth, residence, education, or employment (but not necessarily all four). People who have completed a first degree in a relevant subject from University or School of Architecture outside of Wales may be eligible to apply.

Subject Areas

Projects need to focus on topics related to the art and technique of designing: as distinguished from the skills associated with construction (which are supported by other Awards given by the Company).

The Award

Has a monetary value of £2,500 to be entirely spent on a project which will be completed before the end of 2023. Projects which form part of a post graduate academic course or a young person’s professional development may be eligible, including travel costs, so long as the project is well defined and results in a distinct output. Projects may include travelling to study outstanding areas of architectural design, attending conferences or supporting community projects. Innovative projects will be welcomed. The Award cannot be used to pay academic or professional development course fees.

The winner of the Award will receive an Award Certificate and an invitation to a significant Livery Company event. Recipients of the Award must agree to provide a report detailing the use to which the Award funds have been put and what they have learned three months of completion of the project.



  1. The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales exists to promote, in Wales, Education, Science and Fine Arts.
  2. This is achieved primarily by an Awards Programme which recognises achievement and encourages progression.
  3. The Silver Jubilee Development Award commenced in 2020/21 and is a monetary Award of £2,500 which is given to enable an outstanding young Welsh person, who has graduated from an academic Institution or qualified with a professional body, to further their professional development by undertaking a project or attending a course, preferably with an international element.
  4. The winner is 2020/1 was Keira McNulty, a graduate from Cardiff University who proposed a project connected with displaced people and their struggle in re-establishing home. She used the Award monies to attend a weeklong course organised by Geneva University, complete a Teaching English as Foreign Language Course and produce a booklet “Seeking a Home” which included Stories and images from people seeking asylum in Cardiff.
  5. In 2021/2 the winner was artist Tomos Sparnon, a graduate from Swansea College of Art who is establishing his career as an artist. He wished to produce a wood carving entitled Mother and Child, inspired renaissance by paintings Tomos had seen in Italy. The award covered the purchase of materials and equipment to produce the carving and some help toward th cost of hiring space to exhibit the work.
  6. The subject chosen for the 2022/3 Award is Architecture and the Built Environment. The Award will go to a young person with Welsh heritage who has already achieved success in a course of study at a university or School of Architecture or by way of practical experience in the field. There is no requirement that the place of study or work should have been in Wales, but the applicant must display a significant connection and commitment to Wales – by way of birth, residence, education, or employment.
  7. Projects proposed for consideration should demonstrably further the applicant’s skills and prepare themselves for their future career. The Company gives other awards in the fields of science and engineering and the desire is that this Award should support the more aesthetic aspects of architecture and the built environment.
  8. Innovative applications are invited. Examples of projects which might be attractive include (but re not limited to)
    1. Travelling to study particular areas of outstanding architecture or to meet with leading architects
    2. Attending specialist conferences/seminars where the ability to network and learn can be demonstrated
    3. The costs of participating in a community project to create a new building or environment
    4. Production costs of models to support a piece of work proposed by the applicant.
  9. The project must be planned to take place during 2023 and the winner will be expected to produce a written report about how they have used the Award monies within 6 weeks of completion of the project.
  10. Applications should be submitted before 16th December 2022. A small number of applicants will be invited for interview during the first two week of January 2023 and it is anticipated that the Award will be presented on Friday 3rd February 2023 at the Company’s Annual Awards Celebration dinner.
  11. More information about the Award and the Company can be obtained by looking at the web site www.liverycompanywales.cymru or contacting the Awards Committee secretary at awards@liverycompanywales.cymru or on 07879 852 853




CLOSING DATE Friday 16th December 2022


Data Protection

In making and signing this application you hereby agree to providing, in confidence, information about yourself, your contact details, education and career to date and the need for the Award Funds and the use to which they would be put. These will not be retained after the April following submission nor will any third party have access to them.

You also agree, if you win this Award, that you will provide a full report to the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales on your use of the Funds and you agree to your name and photograph being used on the Company’s website and in other Awards communications. These details will be retained as a historical record of Awards made by the Company.

Your contact details will be passed to the Company’s Young Persons Committee, who may approach you about whether you wish to have further involvement with The Company.

I consent

I do not want publicity