SILVER JUBILEE 1993 – 2018


THE SILVER JUBILEE FUNDRAISING APPEAL was launched on Sunday 18 March 2018 during the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales’ annual Charity lunch held at ATLANTIC COLLEGE, ST DONATS. The appeal marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Welsh Livery Guild in April 1993. Two bi-lingual pamphlets (English/Welsh) about the appeal were published and made available to Liverymen and the public in support of the appeal. One describes the aims and achievements of the Company and its awards programme and the other, entitled “In their Own Words”, contains a series of tributes from winners of our awards in recent years describing the benefits to award winners generally and them personally of WLCOW scholarships (copies are available on request from the clerk, at clerk@liverycompanywales.cymru).

Meanwhile, a number of successful fundraising events have been held by the Company (see below and under News and Master’s blog 2017/2018 elsewhere on the website). Liverymen have also held fund-raising events at their homes and I am very grateful to all Liverymen who have worked hard to support the appeal and contributed financially to date.

The aim of the appeal was to reach out not only to Liverymen for financial support but also to reach out to the wider community in Wales to invite additional support from Welsh business circles, foundations and other organisations interested in promoting education in Wales. To coordinate this effort, an ad hoc Committee was set up in South Wales under the chairmanship of Liveryman Hugh Thomas CBE GCStJ LLD DL, and the North Wales Committee, chaired by Andrew Richards DL, was given the task of coordinating this part of our campaign in North Wales.

The Silver Jubilee Appeal was launched in March 2018 at a Charity lunch at Atlantic College and in April 2018 with a 25th Anniversary Dinner at Lincoln’s Inn. The Appeal will continue until the end of April 2019. The final event in the Silver Jubilee Year will be a fund-raising Reception and Buffet Supper kindly hosted by Lord (Mervyn) Davies of Abersoch and Lady Davies at their home in London to which a small group of invited potential donors will be invited.

To date, much progress has been made and as much as £65,000 (inclusive of gift aid) has been donated to the Appeal Fund by a combination of Liverymen and their friends and by business circles and foundations. The SW ad hoc Committee and the NWC are in touch with a number of potential donors and I am confident that there are many more donations on the way and that we will get close to our target of £100,000.

The Silver Jubilee Appeal was the most important initiative of my Master’s year 2017/2018 which ended with the Installation of our new Master, Geoff Hughes, on October 20, 2018. He has asked me to continue to oversee the appeal with his cooperation and I look forward to working with all Liverymen to bring the appeal to a successful conclusion and am relying on the goodwill and support of all to this end.

Gillian Davies

Deputy Master


To celebrate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the founding of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales, a Sterling Silver brooch in Celtic style with a dragon’s head etched into the head of the brooch for lady Liverymen and Liverymen’s wives has been commissioned. The prototype has been made and is pictured below. It measures 1.75 inches and will be a special edition limited to 50 copies. All brooches will be hallmarked and numbered.

The Court and PR Committees have seen the prototype and authorised the brooch to be put up for sale subject to a minimum number of brooches being ordered. The cost of the brooches is £80 each and the first order has been placed. Should you wish to order one please email the Deputy Master (deputymaster@liverycompanywales.cymru) or the clerk (clerk@liverycompanywales.cymru) and send a cheque for £80 to the clerk made payable to the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales.